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Edward Meadham Returns to Fashion with New Collection

Edward Meadham Returns to Fashion with New Collection

After tipping us off in October that he was planning to make a return to fashion, Edward Meadham – one half of the now defunct Meadham Kirchhoff design duo – has announced that his latest work, Blue Roses, will hit Dover Street Market stores in December 2016. He has confirmed that the collection is being designed without his former design partner of over ten years, Ben Kirchhoff.
"What I want most to convey, is that this is not Meadham Kirchhoff," Meadham said on Thursday. "It is not a collection with a huge grandiose theme or story, no elaborate or delicate frocks. It is just some stuff that can be worn on a daily basis in the real world, chucked in the washing machine and worn again - things that will get better with age. This is for the young, my fan-base are not addressed in fashion now - everything is both totally unaffordable to them and aimed at some 'type' remote from them. There is nothing for girls, for kids and weirdos. Blue Roses is for them."
"The name Blue Roses, a reference to Tennessee Williams, has been a reoccurring motif in my work forever," he explained. "A metaphor for 'otherness' of not fitting into the world and not wanting to as well as the illusion of artificial as a blue rose is not a natural occurrence. To me, blue roses are a symbol of defiance, of self-cultivation, in finding strength in what society perceives as weakness."
While Meadham has not been completely on hiatus from the industry – he designed the garments for footwear designer Sophia Webster’s Spring/Summer 2016 show, his first very public showing since his London-based cult label shuttered in September 2015 – he is adamant that that collection was not a comeback. Speaking of the Sophia Webster show, Meadham told us, “What I did for Sophia was just a job. I did not consider it my work at all. I was just trying to fulfil a brief to the best of my ability within the perimeters that were set for me.”
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