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the best Disney fashion

the best Disney fashion

New YouTube series takes you around to world to find the best Disney fashion
You can find Disney fans pretty much anywhere you travel around the globe, and they're especially easy to spot when they come up with cute, unique, and fashion forward outfits. Now Disney Style is highlighting these various forms of Disney fashion in a new webseries launched this month called Destination: Disney Style.
The series consists of five episodes hosted by YouTube stars LaurDIY, Lucy and Lydia, Jaleesa Moses, and Meredith Foster who take a look at Disney fashion in various cities, including Tokyo, London, and Shanghai.

Disney Style episode

They not only talk to fans about their Disney looks, but also designers who are creating pieces for stores and fashion show runways. Two episodes have gone up so far, with the rest set for release each remaining Tuesday of August.
"Fashion and pop culture collide in such creative ways, and it’s incredible how fans infuse their favorite Disney characters into daily looks to make a truly personal style statement," said Josh Silverman, EVP Global Licensing at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, in a statement.
Each episode is only a few minutes long. While great for a quick watch, the length means you don't get as much time spent exploring things you might want a closer look at. Disney Style makes up for this by supplementing each episode with additional videos released on its YouTube channel after each episode's premiere. These videos, also a few minutes long, take more time looking at certain areas like Tokyo Disneyland and DisneyBounding fans, and Minnie Mouse-inspired couture at Shanghai Fashion Week.
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