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Kim Kardashian Squeezes Baby Bump Into Sequined Dress For Kendall’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian Squeezes Baby Bump Into Sequined Dress For Kendall’s Birthday

Kim Kardashian Squeezes Baby Bump Into Sequined Dress For Kendall’s Birthday
She may be eight months pregnant, but Kim Kardashian wasn’t missing her little sister, Kendall Jenner’s, 20th birthday party! The hot mom squeezed her baby bump into a sequined dress for the night out on Nov. 2 and looked totally fabulous. See the pics here!
Kim Kardashian is totally slaying her pregnancy style lately! The 35-year-old enjoyed a night out with her family and husband, Kanye West, to celebrate Kendall Jenner’s birthday on Nov. 2, and she dressed her bump up for the occasion in a gorgeous black dress. Get the scoop on her look and the party here!

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The reality star has been keeping her maternity style consistent throughout her second pregnancy: Tight dresses with matching jackets draped over her arms seem to be the look she’s been going for — and it’s working. Kim looked totally fabulous in the sequined black dress with high neckline for Kendall’s party, and her bump was majorly accentuated in the ensemble. She completed the look by pulling her hair back into a slick ponytail and keeping her makeup nude and light. So chic!
It was a family affair for Kendall’s 20th, as Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Kylie Jennerand Kourtney Kardashian all showed up to party with the gorgeous model. It’s been birthday-central for the Kardashian family recently, with Kim celebrating her 35th on Oct. 21 and Caitlyn Jenner turning 66 on the 28th. Kris also has a big one coming up this week: She’ll be turning 60 on Nov. 5!
Despite being pregnant — she’s due in December — Kim hasn’t slowed down at all in the recent weeks. She celebrated Halloween by dressing in her infamous 2013 Met Gala look, attended her baby shower on Oct. 25, and has been by her sister, Khloe’s, side as she’s been dealing with Lamar Odom’s scary hospitalization. But even though she hasn’t gone into hiding, it doesn’t mean she’s enjoying carrying this baby. In fact, she seems just as miserable as she was while pregnant with North two years ago! In a recent blog post, she even admitted to feeling like a“f***ing whale” and complained about suffering from “too much heartburn” and “having to pee every five minutes.” Eek!
what do you think of Kim’s look? Do you think she’s been dressing better this pregnancy?

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