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Actress Olivia Wilde and two make-up artists share tips

Actress Olivia Wilde and two make-up artists share tips

It’s all about learning about your face, she tells me. ‘I would never do a bold lip and a bold eye,’ she says. ‘It can be done well but I know I have exaggerated features, like a big jaw, so it just doesn’t work for me. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a family trait and, as I’ve got older, I’ve learned how to work it.’

Instead, she advocates highlighting one feature. ‘Either go bold on the lips, eyes or with something you’re wearing. I think you should always take a risk with one piece. It’s important to have fun with it so either do a bright lipstick or bold eyeliner or some sort of exciting eye look that looks different.’

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She also advocates a less-is-more approach for hair. ‘Too many curls look a bit corny,’ she says. ‘It’s something I call the LA curl. It’s where people put their hair in a curling iron and don’t brush it out. It’s important to keep movement in your hair.’

While loose hair is her style of choice, Wilde doesn’t underestimate the power of an up-do. ‘They can really show off an eye look you’re sporting. But make sure it’s the right kind of up-do. You can’t do the whole Audrey Hepburn hair for a party because it’s too much.’

You’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a seasoned pro. As self-deprecating as she is, Wilde is no beauty novice. Since following in the footsteps of Halle Berry and Emma Stone at Revlon, she’s been sharpening up her beauty skills.

In her clutch bag, she carries an arsenal of products. ‘I always pack an eyebrow pencil along with a concealer like Revlon’s Age Defying concealer and I also carry something for the lips. Revlon’s Ultimate Suede lipsticks are great because they’re really moisturising but they stay. What you don’t want is a wet lipstick that, by the end of the night, is all over your face.’

Her party make-up collection is simple. It consists of Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation – ‘it stays where you put it’ – and eyeliner – ‘if I don’t have time, I would always go for eyeliner before even thinking about eye shadow.’ The finishing touches should always be on the skin, she says. ‘If you’ve got great skin and eyebrows, and liner and mascara on your eyes, you’re pretty much good to go.’

The expert: Lisa Eldridge

Former No7 creative director Lisa Eldridge gained acclaim working with stars such as Kate Winslet and Diane Kruger. Her website, which features video tutorials, has attracted more than 50million views.

‘During party season I always carry Lancôme’s Éclat Miracle in my clutch,’ she says. ‘It’s a highlighter that you can blend into your foundation and apply on to your upper cheekbone and down the centre of your nose. It’s unbelievably subtle and it doesn’t look glittery or shimmery. It gives a little bit of a glow and makes your skin look like you’ve had a facial. It bounces light under the eye area without looking really white and Kim Kardashian-like under the eyes.

‘I really love making eyes look emotive because if you really want to make a statement, it’s quite an easy thing to do. So I’ll always have mascara and an eyelash curler from Shu Uemura with me – they instantly make your eyes look great. I really love fake lashes as well.

At the moment I like the Japanese DHC Double Protection mascara. It has a tiny brush so you can really get into the roots of lashes and separate them and it’s very black and glossy and stays on.

‘I also carry a great lip colour. A bright lip is perfect for the party season. I love Chanel red lipsticks. I love the shade Pirate and Coromandel, which is a slightly orangey, very vibrant red – it’s just gorgeous and you can add it to cheeks, too, if you blend it well.’

The expert: Charlotte Tilbury
Charlotte Tilbury has made up some of the world’s most famous women, from Kate Moss to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This year she launched a cosmetics range.

‘I am still waiting for the day a magical clutch bag like Mary Poppins’s is invented – mini on the outside and monolithic on the inside – but until then I will always carry one of my many 1920s vintage clutch bags during the party season,’ she says.

‘I always carry my Retoucher in 2 Fair. It’s perfect for covering any pesky blemishes and is great for concealing any jet-lagged under-eye circles. My Skin Gilding Highlighter Bar of Gold is also in there. I use my Powder and Sculpt brush over the cheekbones, brow, nose and Cupid’s bow to create the look of candlelight on the skin and give it a real ethereal glow.

Full Fat Lashes mascara is like a Wonderbra for my lashes and always travels with me. A couple of coats give me show-stopping lashes. My Magic Cream comes with my secret blend of soothing, rejuvenating oils and is a great primer or quick-fixer. I use Q-tips to refine feline flicks or clean up any unruly smudges. For my eyebrows, I carry Lancôme’s Sourcils Eyebrow Gel. It helps keep my brows sleek and groomed.

Every one of my clutches has at least two Rose Vaseline lip balms. For a just-bitten blush, Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub is perfect for when I top up my pout midway through the night. The tiny sugar crystals exfoliate away any dry skin on my lips and it tastes scrumptious.’

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